Learn How to Collect, Take Care Of, and Present Perfume Bottles

Collecting vintage perfume bottles could be easy or complicated. Whether you are whimsical or determined during your search, it certainly is entertaining. Collecting and presenting vintage perfume bottles is usually entertaining past time. There are various shapes, designs, sizes and hues of bottles only waiting to be uncovered. So let’s get rolling!

The initially known perfume storage containers were obtained in Egypt. They were not created from glass but rather were designed from piece of rock materials. Glass perfume bottles made an appearance around the fifteenth century. It had been quite early on when makers all started using colorful glass, hence beautifying a plainly useful container. The bottles have developed over the years and changed forms many times, changing from geometric to lovely to stark and serious.

Collectors often have a preference for a particular kind of bottle and even tend to purchase just those kinds. An variety from the 1920′s as well as 1930′s might grace a single collector’s racks, as yet another could find the bottles from the 1940′s and 1950′s more appealing. Some bottle collectors might not be particular to a specific period yet lean in the direction of a particular color or shape, preferring the reds and oranges to the blues and greens, or even the tall bottles to the short types. Nonetheless, some simply acquire whatever strikes the eye. One will discover bottles which are tall, small, chunky, classy, classic, modern as well as in a rainbow of colors.

Start simply by shopping around classic stores. Most store owners can assist you figure out the age of the piece you would like, nevertheless presently there are also several books out there these days. The online world is also a treasure of information, therefore do a little investigation prior to heading out so you’ve got a primary concept of what you are seeking out. Garage or backyard sales are also keepers of buried treasures, and also estate sales. And please don’t forget about thrift shops. They usually have bottles at great prices, however you’ll certainly not be positive about the age or origin. Nevertheless, if you are simply trying to find a nice decanter to add to your collection, they are excellent places to investigate in search of that perfect glass jewel.

Consider where you’d prefer to present your finds and place bottles together to see if they go well together. Generally a wide selection of shapes and sizes seem the most appealing, however, if you’re after a coordinating look, you possibly can easily group a number of the same size together. A windowsill, if safe from breezes, infants as well as house animals, is a exceptionally attractive place to set bottles together.

Sunlight can shine in through the glass, illuminating dazzling bits of color throughout the area. (This concept is not the most effective in case you have perfume inside the bottle, as sunlight can break down the fragrance.) An assortment on an vintage tray is a great method to present your bottles. A recently renewed notion of displaying bottles is to tie a colorful ribbon around the neck of the bottle and suspend them in different lengths. A grouping in a bathroom is also a rather appealing display, particularly when paired with an vintage hairbrush and mirror set.

It doesn’t matter which way you decide on to collect and present your antique perfume bottles, let your glass shine! Keep them clean, dry and dust-free in order to enjoy them for years to come.